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Are you adopting or looking to adopt container technology?  Have you thought about the additional management capabilities you will need to manage container-based deployments?

Today, we announced SUSE Manager 3.1, with new features focused on setting up and managing container infrastructures, ensuring container and cloud VM compliance and improving the visibility of systems and infrastructure deployments.  Helping you to:

  • Improve DevOps efficiency and optimize operations with a single tool to set up and manage container infrastructures. IT Operations and DevOps teams can quickly build and deliver container-based images, based on their SUSE Manager repositories, in addition to automating and managing container images across development, test and production environments supporting the DevOps continuous integration/continuous deployment model.
  • Ensure container and cloud virtual machine compliance to hardened profiles/templates across DevOps environments based on your own internal security policies. Customers can make sure workloads deployed for development, test and production in hybrid cloud and container infrastructures adhere to internal security and compliance standards.
  • Reduce complexity and regain control of IT assets with improved visibility of your systems and infrastructure deployments. Improved graphical visualization of your IT systems and their relationships provides additional understanding of infrastructure dependencies and can help you reduce complexities. You can also further regain control of your IT assets with the ability to drill down into system details to quickly identify and resolve any health or patch issues with your systems.

To learn more about how SUSE Manager 3.1 can get you ready for a world of compliant containers, join us for one of our upcoming webinars:

You can also find more information on some of the new features in the most recent blogs by Joachim Werner:

Put your systems into a high state

Sticky action buttons for SUSE Manager

No beta blockers for SUSE Manager 3.1. So, let’s get ready for containers!

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