SUSE® has expanded the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications via Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace). Customers can now buy SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications–including support for SAP HANA high availability–directly on AWS Marketplace in the form of a pay-per-use image. Computing demand often fluctuates within an enterprise, and maintaining peak-level resources at all times can be costly and inefficient. Paying only for the compute capacity they use with no minimum fees, customers can now leverage AWS on-demand cloud services to run SAP applications by the compute hour on the leading Linux platform for SAP solutions, giving them flexibility to increase computing resources as they need them. SUSE partnered with cloud commerce provider Orbitera to deliver the on-demand Linux platform usage.

“A key component of growth for our customers is increasing efficiency within the IT department,” said Naji Almahmoud, head of global business development for SUSE. “CIOs and IT managers are realizing that having servers sitting idle in a data center is a waste of their resources. By expanding the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications on AWS, we are giving them a new way to manage their compute needs without having to sink money into hardware or long-term contracts.”

With new options for running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications on AWS, customers benefit from flexible AWS infrastructure that quickly matches their changing computing needs. This frees them from the costs and complexities of planning, purchasing and maintaining hardware and transforms what are commonly large fixed costs into much smaller variable costs. The SUSE solution also includes high availability resource agents for deployments of the SAP HANA platform. These agents allow SAP HANA instances to failover between AWS Availability Zones (AZ) and were engineered to run on the AWS Cloud.

Barry Russell, general manager, global business development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc., said, “SUSE Linux is an important OS preference for many enterprise and start-up organizations looking to optimize how they manage their infrastructure. We are excited to see the expanded availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications in AWS Marketplace. This expanded access will help ensure SAP users experience the advantages provided by the on-demand, highly reliable, and scalable cloud computing services of AWS via easy discovery, streamlined 1-Click® deployment, and procurement through AWS Marketplace.”

SUSE and AWS are working with Protera Technologies to help qualified customers plan their cloud deployments of SAP HANA on AWS. To apply for a free proof of concept, customers should visit SUSE (booth 655) or Protera (booth 473) at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, Florida, May 17-19.

Customers have been able to use their existing subscriptions to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications to develop and test SAP workloads on AWS through SUSE’s “bring-your-own-subscription” program since last year. On-demand access is now available on AWS at For additional information about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications on AWS, visit For more about the leading Linux platform for SAP solutions, see


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