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What is Microservices?” is one of the most popular questions nowadays.

Is it becoming a trend in Software development?

Is it magic?

Together with my colleague Bettina Bassermann and SUSE partners, we will be running a series of blogs and webinars from SUSE (Software Development, Microservices & Container Management, a SUSE webinar series on modern Application Development), and try to break the ice about Microservices Architecture (MSA) and Cloud Native Application Development (CNA) in the software development field.


In the first webinar, we will be discussing:

  • Evolution of Software and Application Development
  • What is MSA? Is it app or infrastructure virtualization? How it differs from SOA?
  • MSA benefits, challenges, best practices
  • What is container and how is it linked to MSA/CNA?
  • Wrong interpretations for MSA and CNA
  • Automation and level of maturity of operating/managing the MSA/CNA
  • When to go MSA and when not to go for MSA?


Please join us on the 23rd of September 2019, 09:00 AM GMT for the first webinar.

Webinar Link:


Download Slides:

Micro services – Is it the Holy Grail- A Perspective from a Developer (Sep23)

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